Summer Camps

If you have any questions or just want to arrange to come down to say hello it’s easy to get a message to us. You can call us or email us make sure to include your name and email address so if you have a question we can back to you.






What Our Students Say

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What Sarah says:


I have always loved horses. I first got interested in riding when my older sister took lessons and I have always looked up to her.


Riding makes me feel so free and I enjoy having friends at the barn that share my interest.


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I love Tracey because she explains what she is asking of me and she has the patience to wait until I am ready for the next step.





equestrian horse riding san juan capistranoWhat Skylar says:

I was interested in becoming a vet when I got older and that’s what got me in to horses. Horses are just pure awesome! Horses are loving animals and I love to be around them.


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I like Ms. Tracey because she won’t let me move on to something new until I’ve mastered and understood what I’m working on, and I really care about her.