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Good ideas about horses and the mounting of a horse.


When mounting a horse you have to first check the girth, to make sure it's set comfortably on the horse and not too tight. You should be able to fit three fingers in between the girth and the horse's barrel. If you're unable to do that or the horse's skin looks wrinkled in that area then the girth is on too tight so you would need to adjust it. Taking a lock of mane and the in the left hand, is very important when mounting the horse, especially for beginners to know as a sharp movement of the horses head can cause him to stubble or even fall sideways.


Whereas whilst you're holding the mane and reins in the left hand, you have a strong fixed position on the horse, you're not going to move around whilst mounting and cause the horse to be in discomfort by pulling on the horse's mouth. You want to make sure you have an even bearing on the horse's mouth by adjusting the reins to be tight but not too tight, just enough leeway to make sure you're in control whilst mounting. The part of the reins that falls beyond your hand named the bight of the rein should lay on off to one side. Great places for Horse Riding Lessons Mission Viejo, Horse Riding Lessons San Juan Capistrano, and Horse Riding Lessons Irvine.


You want to be stood by the horse's left shoulder facing slightly towards his hindquarters. Turn the stirrup towards you with your right hand and put the ball of your left foot firmly in the left stirrup. You want to make sure your toe doesn't dig into the left elbow/side of the horse as you mount. In order to avoid this you should press your knee against the saddle, whilst you mount. With your right hand on the off side of the cantle, you want to bounce off your right leg, balancing on with hands having your legs by one another. Make sure you use an even amount of pressure on both hands because if you pull up with your right hand, which is on the cantle, you may pull it off center and twist the tree. With your right knee bent, pass your leg over the horse's croup, avoiding touching him. As you make yourself comfortable in the saddle put your right foot in the right stirrup. This should be a simple, fast motion. It may sound much easier than it actually is, unless you're athletic and active then you will most likely pick it up really easily. However beginners should probably begin by facing the horse and hoping on the right foot, before springing into the saddle. Learn this from Horse Riding Lessons Mission Viejo, Horse Riding Lessons San Juan Capistrano, and Horse Riding Lessons Irvine.

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