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How to trot with your horse


As you begin to move your horse into a slow trot, sit relaxed in the bouncing motion. If the horse increases his speed, the motion would become rougher and it would become difficult to sit and balance comfortably on the horse. The normal trotting gait can be made easier for both the rider and horse, by posting, or rising in the saddle to the rhythm of the horse's gait.


Sitting in the correct basic seat position, grip onto the horse with your knees and rise from the saddle, do this to the count of four, coming up on each count, then relax, this is known as the Up-down position/exercise. This position help to prepare you for the posting trot. Always make sure you keep a light rein, so you can avoid pulling yourself with the reins. You want to begin with the Up-down exercise, at a walk, once without stirrups and then with stirrups, so you get a feel for both. Make sure you do the exercise to the count of four, rising and sitting on each count.


Once you get comfortable with the Up-down exercise, you want to bring your horse to a stop and then repeat the exercise double time, or about the cadence of a normal trot. Repeat the exercise several times, counting to ten instead of four. Try to rise and sit in a swift, flowing manner. Next you should try to post at a normal trot. The horse will begin to decide upon the rhythm of your Up-down movement, although it will take some getting used to, you may start of doing some double bouncing first, before you establish a rhythm. Working with the horse is key in this motion, you want to try and let the horse push you up, then return to the saddle producing a rhythm.


Most people can pick up the posting rhythm on their first try, whereas some other people find it harder to coordinate their posting to the rhythm of the horse taking them a little longer to go from posting to a trot. Whilst posting on the horse you will find it becomes difficult to keep the rhythm going whilst turning or going round corners. Listening to the beat of the gait is always the best way to catch on to posting if you have difficulty in this area. Trotting does come through practice. Two things that are always good to remember are saying to yourself, "One,two,one,two," then, "Up,down,up,down". You can check out Horse Rides Mission Viejo, Horse Rides San Juan Capistrano, and Horse Rides Irvine for more references.