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Children's Horse Riding Mission Viejo


There are two types of riding position, English and Western. Riding any horse requires mounting. All you need to do is place on foot in a stirrup and then pull yourself up while placing your other leg in the other stirrup. You are also going to dismount, which includes leaning forward slowly, swinging your leg over the horse and gently falling to the ground with both feet. English horse riding allows the rider to sit in the saddle with their weight distributed evenly.


The saddle must suit the rider; it should not be uncomfortable due to length or width. The body should be upright and straight The stirrups should also be the correct length This can be achieved by adjusting them the rider should have both legs slightly bent on both sides evenly. The whole body should be forward, facing the same as the horse. You should have a light grip on both reins. You should have your little finger under the reins, three fingers in the middle and your thumb placed on top pointing forward. Children's horse riding Mission Viejo, Children's horse riding San Juan Capistrano, and Children's horse riding Irvine.


With both hands separate in the center of the horse. Then your ready to ride. Western riding isn't all that different from English riding. The balance on the saddle is the same. But your head should be forward and in centerline of the horse with a relaxed } body. You should have one hand on the reins while the other rests on your thigh (You can determined which hand should be on the reins because it would be the hand you write with) you should have a loose low grip on the reins.


Keep your feet close to the horse and your heels down. The stirrups should be longer than if you ride English. Although you still want your legs to be slightly bent, your legs will be straighter than if riding English.


In western riding there are two ways of holding the reins. The standard method usually consists of holding the reins lower by the horn; this allows more flexibility in the wrists. One finger should be between the reins also. In the Californian way the reins are held in a fist position and higher than the standard style. It is also customary to use braided reins while riding Californian style. With both western and English you can walk, trot and canter. Elbow's bent and proper position is always important in both riding positions. Children's horse riding Mission Viejo, Children's horse riding San Juan Capistrano, and Children's horse riding Irvine.

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